URBAN FBA 2500/2

Proven URBAN machining stations have been combined in this high-quality sash assembly unit: BMT 2500 (preliminary stop), FBA 2500 (4-axes screwing unit) and ST 1600 S (tilting table for discharge). With that we can offer you a quick and flexible machining unit being independent of fitting types and that can be individually adapted to your production needs. The installation convinces by extremely short cycle times (from 45 seconds*), flexibility and high machining quality. (*depends on fitting, profile and operating speed)

BMT 2500: preliminary stop

  •     selection and insertion of fittings via PC operator guidance
  •     individual steps of completion
  •     gear cropper for cutting long bars with NC-controlled length stop
  •     partitions for fittings


  • drilling unit for corner hinge with automatic drilling cycle incl. two-spindle drilling head
  • barcode scanner (manual) or barcode laser scanner (automatic)


FBA 2500: 4-axes screwing unit

  • individual working stroke of the four screwing units, with AC servo-axes.
  • automatic operational sequence of the screwing units and adjustment to different screwing heights / depths
  • profile-independent clamping system and stop system
  • process monitoring with visual signal in case of malfunctions
  • industrial PC with TFT colour monitor
  • smooth transport of sashes by flat belts


  • additional feeding devices for screws of different lengths
  • stop for overlap profiles
  • Y-stop, e.g. for preassembled hinges
  • automatic scissor closing device


ST 1600 S: tilting table for discharge of sashes

  • puts the sashes upright automatically (scissors always on the top) with discharge to the customized sash distributing station.


  • destacking into partitions (number of partitions freely selectable)
  • logistics administration
  • frame scanner with display and indication of the corresponding sash

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